This is just my personal opinion on 4minute’s “Muzik.” I recently listened to this song and I can’t stop! I am not really hooked with 4minute’s music, but Muzik really got me listening.

The song is just so good. The melody is simple. The drum beats are all crazy and spunky. This song reminded me of T-Pain and Akon. Well people who really use tools to give their voices a robotic effect. Hyuna’s rap was really powerful. She didn’t sound very high pitched like she did in the Hot Issue song. I liked this song.

What do you guys think of it? Doesn’t it have a little American rap feel into this song?

Do you guys like it?

Also, 4minute is being endorsed by Shoemarkers. They recently did a photoshoot for Streetfoot Magazine. Check out the photos here.

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I have to say I’m starting to like them, and I have to admit I love this song it’s so catchy ^_^

^ Yeah, it’s really cute.

yeh, i like their fashion in WAGW

my fave is what a girl wants, im glad they chose to promote it

yeh, i heard it once on youtube and i liked it, i thought it was good.

i didnt like the hot issue remix but i loved the rest of the tracks on the album <3

All there songs is great.

Hot Issue got me into them…

The remix is awesome.

^ I just wasn’t that into Hot Issue, but the rest are nice, I agree.

they have gr8 style! in all their mv smile

I wasn’t really into their Hot Issue style, but Muzik was nice. What a Girl Wants is cute.

^ yeah and their 1000’s of charms lol

I love 4minute, they have great styles!

yeah its fierce, i wish i could pull off short hair :/

i like her hair ;D

i like jiyoons outfits in the pics

I’m SO glad they are not promoting this song anymore. It is so annoying but they put on a good performance here. Now if they can put on some clothes....

they’re getting better but i wouldn’t say they’re the best at lives XD

Cool shoes..

Lilsparky67 - 09/26/09 11:47 pm

It’s a strong single to help them be on top with other girl groups now. Just unfortunately for them there’s GD in the way.

yes, muzik turns out to be a total hit!

ehh, its okay.

It’s a strong single to help them be on top with other girl groups now. Just unfortunately for them there’s GD in the way.

These girls are really white :S
But their performance was really good!
The girl groups are really successful right now! And so is 4minute!

^ i liek Ahnchulae

i love the beginning when there in the silver

I totaly agree

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