So if you’re super popular like me and don’t typically have weekend plans, I highly suggest you join the live chat with Charice today at 7 p.m.(PST) at I’ve been thinking of questions to ask her but I’ve hit a road block — all of my questions seem to be, “Why are you so cute?” or “How are you THAT talented and THAT young?” or “Are we related somehow? I hope not. I’d be ashamed.”

Check out her video message:

Something else to note about her this week — she’s been showing a lot of love for 2NE1 on her official twitter:

Is she trying to tell us something? She tends to leave subtle hints on her Twitter as to what she’s working on. Take this for example:

The “Reset” demo surfaced on youtube following that, but was immediately taken down one fateful summer day this year. Hmmmm….are there any motives guys? Or is she just really into 2NE1 right now?

For your time: