There hasn’t been much news on the Cowboy Bebop live action film these past months until Keanu Reeves (The Matrix trilogy, Constantine), who is casted to play Spike Spiegal, was interviewed by MTV a few days ago.

According to Reeves, a script was created for the movie but needed to be rewritten. Why? Because it was an awesome script. Now why would they need to rewritre a script if it was already satisfying in the first place? Because the movie would need half a billion dollars to make the script come to life. Not exactly cheap.

Script writer Peter Craig claims to have created a screenplay faithful to the original anime series and even went to visit the anime’s producers back in December regarding the adaptation. He must have done a damn fine job if he needs to rewrite the screenplay, not because it was horrible but rather too good. This slightly brings up my hopes for the movie. Cowboy Bebop is already an excellent, epic series and I feel that there is no need for a live action version. The show has a cinematic feel to it, especially when it shows the environment, e.g., space. However, I think I’ll end up watching it in theaters with my friends - just to see how it turned out (hopefully better than Dragonball Evolution).