Good singers look up to the best singers. Beyonce is an inspiration to all! Wonder Girls’ leader Sun, tweeted about her admiration of Beyonce Knowles. She put up a message on her twitter regarding her admiration.

Sun’s English is beyond good. I wonder if she is the one typing them. In a comment to Sun’s post, some fan, while being respectful, tried correcting her English. The fan commented that it was honestly…not honesty. The fan had some luck and Sun decided to post a reply! She did spell the word right. She wanted to say Honesty because it was the name of the song! In this case, the fan can’t feel bad. I mean, he/she got a message from Sun!

I remember when I watched an interview with DBSK, and they asked to sing with Beyonce Knowles. I think Beyonce is just one of the greatest singers of all time. She is especially admired for her actions on the MTV VMAs, when she gave her spotlight to Taylor Swift. Maybe, Beyonce and Wonder Girls can meet and sing together live on stage. That will be crazy!