Often, I like to think that the ‘G’ in G-Dragon stands for genius. He’s such a genius, it’s heartbreaking. Heartbreaking in the sense not everyone will understand the symbols or the imagery in the Heartbreaker music video because the ability to comprehend G-Dragon’s genius artistic vision is lacking. I’m no different, but here’s my attempt at understanding the apple symbol in the Heartbreaker music video.

An apple in this music video is more than something you eat once a day that keeps the doctor away. (FYI: SO not true.) As the music video’s most omnipresent image, it takes on more than one meaning. Religiously, it can represent a biblical “forbidden fruit” or evil in fruit form. The apple is often shown either eaten to the core or with a heart carved into it. Majority of the apple-eaters in this video happen to be female. What are you trying to say here, buddy? Come on we’re not all that bad. Just because we don’t take heart-shaped bites like you do, doesn’t mean anything. We just need heart-shaped braces. My dental plan doesn’t cover cosmetic procedures. Koreans, what will they think of next?

Religious associations aside, the apple could be seen as a symbol of pop culture. Could you think of anything else besides Andy Warhol’s famous “Campbell’s Soup Cans” when you saw that the apples were eaten from cans resembling Campbell Soup? Or, if you happen to be much younger than me and your age ends in the word ‘teen,’ how about that Twilight apple? Both Andy Warhol’s work and the Twilight apple are dead ringers for pop culture symbols. Just allow the apple eating to symbolize society consuming pop culture. If G-Dragon can take a heart-shaped bite into it, consider that loving pop culture. Speaking of loving, the apple is also known as a symbol for love and sexuality. Roman goddess Venus is often portrayed holding an apple. She’s typically known as the goddess of love. Could the action of biting into a heart be a symbol of breaking a heart? Those are a lot of cans he’s throwing around.

The apple, along with G-Dragon’s new look, could also be seen as a throw back to Death Note. In this case, the apple is poison. If you think of the apple as a heart, it could be said that love is poison. A lot of people can attest to that both in real life and popculture. What do you guys think of the apple?

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the apple reminded me of deathnote

^ Yep, at first I thought it was kinda weird; you know, blonde on an Asian just doesn’t work out. But hey, it’s okay now. :D

at first i didnt like his hair, but then it greww on me :D

I actually like this look. All the other looks he has put on I would be shaking my head, but this is pwoah. raspberry ~ Love his hair..

Lol I guess it was ok though raspberry

^ hi5 wink haha too cool. i reckon he looked like JaeJoong when Breathe came on at the end smile

^ i reply it too while i do my homework raspberry

i loved the MV, it was addicting and i just kept replaying it smile

lol, the MV reminded me a lot of things

i really enjoyed the mv it got me thinking

when i saw the MV i thought it was really creative

Love= Poison ?!!! thats not good raspberry

Come on we’re not all that bad.

Haha raspberry

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