Recently, Korean media law has taken some huge strides. They are dead serious this time. KBS has been seen taking action against smaller video sharing blogs. Blogs that do not even share CDs or tour dvds but only TV material. You know, stuff that you could watch for FREE if you only lived in Korea, stuff that feeds you becoming a fan in the first place.

This blog called Ahboo started small then posted on Soompi as a way to bypass the file sharing restrictions. It immediately became the top 10 community to find files of artists’ TV show programs. Recently, they were ordered to cease their blogging activities and posted a farewell note here.

There’s a point in where I don’t agree with the laws. Some laws are made to protect IP.That is fine, but without these shows, fans in America or people who have jobs and don’t have a DVR to record such things can’t access and feed their love for these artists. Let’s look at the cause and effect of all of this:

-KBS/MBC etc. shut blogs down featuring variety shows.
-Youtube takes down all video uploads of any music variety shows in accordance to KBS.
-Traffic to (Insert Kpop Blog Name Here.) slows down to a halt, except users in Korea who spend the time to report in English (if they even know English) about the variety show.
-Users outside of Korea lose interest in international artists from Korea.
-Few if any new users discover K-pop artists.
-Blogs and forums cease to exist, due to lack of interest.
-Asian artists no longer have much audience left in America and audiences decrease.

Look at it this way. Youtube and Kpop blogs are FREE publicity for these artists. They get hundreds, sometimes thousands of comments and downloads per thread. KBS loses no money on this deal here.

Thanks to: Ahboo for providing us with quality videos over the years. We’ll miss you.

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yeah i know it’s there company but at least they can share the greatness


thats so dumb what about is who dont have Korean TV???


awww.. >< not only America, people in other places all over the world now!

^ Yeah, they have the right to do whatever they want with their content.

not erally...its there property in the first place smile

it seems as though there being really selfish

:D talk to your cable provider ;D

I can’t get asian channels on my TV.

does it have subs

I prefer watching it through tv.

^ or stream it somehow.

Yeh, but companies have the power to do these things because they own these stuff… -_-

i guess we have to resort to ordering KBS cable raspberry

Talk about being ignorant. That’s very selfish of KBS.

Oh wow....i guess this sucks for us Americans -_-

that just dumb what if the people who cant be in korea wanna watch it

***** is getting serious now. I don’t like where this is going and KBS is very naive.

KBS as in station?! NO :O

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