Remember the music video Kirsten Dunst was spotted doing in Akihabara this past August while donning a pink tutu and blue hair? Well, you are now able to view the video at the Pop Life: Art in a Material World exhibit in London’s Tate Modern Museum.

Details of the Music Video:
Title - Akihabara Majokko Princess
Song - Turning Japanese
Singer - Kirsten Dunst (originally sung by The Vapors)
Duration - about 4 minutes
Location filmed - Akihabara, Japan

This video was a collaboration between director McG (Terminator Salvation) and artist Takashi Murakami (did the bear on Kanye West’s Graduation album). The two met thanks to their manager, Daniel Rappaport, who thought that they would enjoy working together because both talents had a “bright color palette and interest in the iconography of anime.” McG and Murakami met toward the end of last year in Santa Monica, California but it wasn’t until mid-May of this year did they start discussing the collaboration for the Tate Modern Museum.

The video features Dunst dancing around Akihabara in her awesome outfit, surrounded by cosplayers and plush toys. Sounds like an interesting video to watch…..too bad it’s only available at the museum right now. Maybe some how, some way, parts of the video will be posted up on youtube by some frivolous fanboy/fangirl. It seems you can almost find everything on youtube these days…..except for porn. Aww, too bad Ga-In. (Just kidding!)

For those of you who might not get to see the music video, here’s the original MV by The Vapors.

Source:The Wall Street Journal

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haha...Kirsten is trying new things :D

I like the umbrella :D

so colourful! :D

Yeah, for someone who’s not Asian she can really pull it off ;D

Wahaha that’s an interesting video ><

she is pretty i love that picture

omg i love that song! its on Guitar Hero!

flower guy looks great xD
just the other day i was singing this song

any vid up yet?

Yes, a role where she’s not talking in or doing much of anything. XD

Lilsparky67 - 08/31/09 7:15 pm

It’s pretty hard for someone that isn’t asian to make that work. She does it very well lol.

she pulled it off! :D

Oh yeah she did do Kiki’s voice! Hmmm mabye she dose have a little anime fettish lol hey u never know ^_^

theres alot of other nonasian cosplayer that i think is gREAT!

It’s pretty hard for someone that isn’t asian to make that work. She does it very well lol.

D: They could have picked anyone but her.  Ugh.  The worst part is the outfit kind of suits her, too.

Love the colors!

Lol, that’s awesome. Kiki’s voice.. Wow

Haha, She’s Pretty smile

LOL OMG I’m looking forward to this.
Kirsten Dunst in that outfit is epic.
This’ll be good xD

she looks like a rainbow smile

aww. haha That’s pretty cool.

LMFAO this is soo odd to see from her

awwwww her out fit is so cute i actually want one im curious to see what this song sound like

awww.. haha

AHHA XDDD this is so cool

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