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So here we are, on my 7th edition about this controversial matter about Jae Bum leaving his band through his past Myspace mistakes. And I appreciate everyone for enjoying by my summaries, I discovered I have many new readers! Although you all hide in the shadows and don’t reply. BOOO. You know you can click one button and it logs you into Facebook, right? Do it, thanks! More »

Boxer by day, superhero by night- is there anything Manny Pacquiao can’t do? More »

Square enix is such a tease. Every day Square releases bits of information, and each bit hits home making you want more and more. Although I could’ve kept up a daily blog about it, I’ll simply compile it into 3 parts of what I discovered over the past 3 days. More »

There’s not alot of good vampire anime although I’m probably just biased against shoujo stuff. Here’s a list of five of the better vampire anime. More »

From Girlybubble: I recently had a conversation with someone from New York City where I had to explain the nature of my car-commuting California lifestyle. Part of that lifestyle deems it unnecessary for me to own an iPod or MP3 player because I spend most of my time in my car, listening to my car stereo. I want to say that this is because I’m kind of a big deal, but actually, it’s typical here for people to not be pedestrians in Southern California. Looking at this limited edition iRiver Swarovski crystal-studded Hello Kitty mp3 player however, is totally changing my mind about the way I think of MP3 players. More »

John Woo’s Red Cliff is hardly a new film with the first part released in Asia in 2008, and the second part at the beginning of 2009. On Nov. 18, the 280 minute epic film will appear in American theaters for the first time as a single 150 minute film. With the content cut nearly in half, the story will be much more easily digestible by Western audiences…but is it really worth watching? More »

SM Entertainment, who’s the most notorious for producing only the most candy sweet girl bands, pretty boy bands and solo singer BoA, is taking a deep dive into lounge music.So not much of a clue has SM been given about this new group, and all we know is what we see and hear from this suddenly appearing video. It really comes a big surprise, and from the least likely of labels. More »

It seems everyone wants to be a little Asian these days. In Shakira’s latest music video “Did It Again,” homegirl was seen jumping around in bed with some hot Asian guy. The video also features some traditional Korean drummers, and Shakira hanging out in the sauna with the other bitches. I couldn’t quite piece these scenes together. I was simply distracted by the hotness of this Asian guy. More »

Vampires. The sexy dead. Before young girls in their teens corrupted vampires into emo love interests, vampires were cool. They were sexy, scary, alluring and down right evil. Western movies don’t have the monopoly on Vampire flicks. In fact Japan does a darn good job of freaking people out with its own versions of animated vampires. So I present to you readers, five animated Vampire movies to eat popcorn to. More »

With the Twilight sequel New Moon scheduled to release this Friday, Nov. 20, it’s only fitting that we have a New Moon pin game to complement our current Bloodsucker Special. Since this is indeed for Ningin and not our new vampire site SwanDiary, this pin game is slightly human-centric. If you caught my interview with Justin Chon, you’ll know that we’re all super excited about him as Eric Yorkie in New Moon. More »

What a week we had on Ningin! I think I might have mentioned this somewhere before, but I got to interview Rain and Director James McTeigue from the Ninja Assassin movie. If you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for? There’s not one but two giveaways for it…so far. First there’s the Ninja Assassin gear, and we’re giving our copies of the 28-page Ninja Assassin press junket package. Then we launched a new website, Swandiary, for vampire lovers. Jinra and the Ningin Bloggers put together a fun little Bloodsucker special for it. Speaking of Jinra, her b-day might have been during this past week. Not sure. But I’m sure she’s glad that someone (hint: he was in ninja a movie that’s coming out soon) remembered. So all that was last week. This week, we have another website, Rekuru - for Japanese entertainment, scheduled to launch. And perhaps finally, you’ll see the game system contest we’ve been promising. More »

True, November is Ninja month for Ningin. However, if for some reason I had to replace the ninja theme, I’d go with epic. A lot of epic things are happening this month, and that includes the release of John Woo’s 2-part epic Chinese war film, Red Cliff. Red Cliff is the retelling of the Battle of Red Cliffs, set at the end of the Han Dynasty. It’s also reportedly the most expensive Asian film production of all time — that’s pretty epic. Wanna know what else is epic? The Red Cliff pin game. More »

Where do you girls want to be when it’s cold? How about on Five Treasure Island with band members FT Island themselves? Although the group was too busy to release much of Fall photo activities, the group made sure to release a Winter photo shoot. More »

Rain was supervising his students MBLAQ and of course, news sites wanted to see what it was like to see the student of JYP transform into a teacher. From the very moment that Rain sees mistakes, he’s quick to notice and correct them. A bit later he points out that they don’t look like they are enjoying what they are doing and can’t even give a score of 5/10 ! OUCH. But it’s the truth, right? More »

Last night’s deemed, “Fight of the Year” between Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto, certainly lived up to hype. Luckily, unlike the previous fight between Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton, it lasted longer than two rounds. Not only am I happy that Pacquaio won this fight against Cotto, I’m happy that I got my money’s worth as the fight lasted until the 12th and last round. This win for Pacquiao marks a 7th title in SEVEN weight divisions and pretty much the first time in boxing history that anyone’s ever done that. More »

Vampires are one of my favorite subjects to read about. From short stories to novels to comics, I’ll read anything that involves vampires (though oddly enough, I haven’t read the Twilight series yet). So I would like to give you my top 3 vampire mangas that made an impression on me for the genres they represent. More »

So what’s going on with Yoona these days? Must you ask? Everything would always be the answer for someone working under the largest record label in Korea. Lately, Yoona has been rapidly blossoming into a very fine woman, from her new found skills in “the seductive eye glare” to her incredible growth in acting in Cinderella Man, and continual growth as an excellent singer and dancer. More »

From Girlybubble: People, regardless of social status, love Hello Kitty. Off the top of my head I can name Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, Lisa Loeb and Kimora Lee Simmons as all Hello Kitty fans. In honor of Hello Kitty’s 35th birthday this month, In Style magazine compiled a list of celebs who love Hello Kitty featuring the items they particularly can’t get enough of. Check it out, to see if you’ve got Celeb-approved Hello Kitty taste! More »

Big news for one of the coolest girl groups around. Soyoung is officially “graduating,” i.e. retiring from the spotlight. Although there are some conflicting reports, one article suggests that her health has been deteriorating as time went through constant work. How many times do you read a day that Korean celebrities are overworked and have illness and even sue for being overworked? That does sound believable to me. More »

The mighty, mega-international Hallyu crown officially belongs to Rain. They even called him the MICHAEL JACKSON of Asia. Dude, right? Our new leader has brought his fellow country citizens, and all of Asians, including Asian Americans to a new victory. This is really a first in a long time that a Korean star has made a huge debut in film, as the main star. Here Bi (pronounced BEE) is interviewing on national, non-cable TV station FOX, for the Good Day New York show. More »

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