This week started off with a bang. Or rather, a boom since we had a casual interview with Boom Boom Satellites. We also learned that Ninja Assassin grossed $21 MM over the Turkey day weekend. It’s not at $35.8 MM worldwide gross at the time of this writing. I have to wonder if there’s gonna be a sequel because it made a lot more money than it cost to produce. We also launched our beauty site on Tuesday, FlauntMe. That’s #8 for those keeping count at home. Jinra and the Ningin Bloggers cranked out another special for that, the Ningin Tribute to Asian Beauty. Site #9, CrazySingleLife is due for unveiling this week. I just posted a short preview of it. Since things have been going really well here, we’re doubling the number of bloggers across our new sites. If you like writing, getting free stuff, having access to events, interviewing people, and working with fun people, then you should consider blogging for us! We have a lot more sites planned for next year too.

Let’s get to this week’s prize winners shall we? Lilsparky67 and AnabelStars have been a dynamic EXP duo for the past several weeks. karens2 graduates to the cool crowd this week and joins them. They get to look at FT Island posters as they fall asleep. The also cool honorable mention club has the following members: phanxuanna12297, i2ayumi, ContagiousLaughter, AlexaNguyen, ludachris714, DannyTruong, and KhaiGordon. Congrats to everybody!

Next week’s prize: FT Island Double Date album. This is a two-disc set. You’re gonna want to win this week!

Other noteworthy happenings:
i2ayumi and her cuteness joins the mod squad!

Please welcome ChrisLe as he joins the ever growing band, Jinra and the Ningin Bloggers. Expect a world tour coming soon by this band!

Two contests going on right now: Mixr Holiday Rewards and Red Cliff posters.

Good luck to everyone that’s suffering through finals week!

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wow i really wanted to win this too CONGRATS TO EVERYONE :D

CONGRATS TO CHRIS LE. didn’t mention him in my other post ><”

Congrats to everybody who won and welcome i2ayumi and ChrisLe.

Congrats to everybody!!!!!

Congrats to the winners and Ayumi! 

Congrats to Mixr Media for so much success and growth!

AlexaNguyen - 12/07/09 11:35 am

I always knew you’d become a mod Ayumi raspberry

Still so much stuff going on..

And thank you for your support! Greatly appreciated, my friend. smile

^ when I first started Ningin. I told Ayumi that she should be a mod XD

I always knew you’d become a mod Ayumi raspberry

Still so much stuff going on..

Welcome to the mod crew Ayumi!
And hello to ChrisLe!

Uhmmm Where are them pretty girls?! raspberry

Congrats guys for winning the extremely pretty, pretty boys poster! smile
And thank you Ningin for the chance to become apart of the modding team ^^

Aww! I always seem to win the posters not album LOL! I’m glad! Congrats to Anabel & LilSparky!

& Congrats Ayumi for being a new mod raspberry

Way to go Anabel and finally Karen!! *waves* Hey, new Moderator Ayumi and blogger ChrisLe!

How much did promotions cost for Ninja Assassin? There was a lot of that, that’s for sure. The movie cost 20 million to make, I think?

Really great prize this week, a double whammy. Thank you again Hoc, Ningin, and Mixr Media!!

Congrats to the winners!

congrats to Sean and Karen! welcome to the mod-squad Ayumi, and cant wait to see your blog posts ChrisLe!

thanks for cheering us on through finals week Hoc, i know i’ll definitely need it XD

omg wow a double disk prize :D

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