Rain had a fan meeting, ‘Rain on Christmas’ on Dec. 17 in Seoul with readers of HighCut magazine.

JYP just came out to say he’s done producing singers, as it’s a lot of work. And right now, Rain just came out of the clouds and also said, yes, it’s way too much work. Yeah, he’s so much like JYP. He learned from the best, becoming the best and then teaching the best. Between Ninja Assassin, touring and writing music for his own self then on top of that to do producing… it’s already too much.

Rain’s very first production of the internationally famous group, MBLAQ will also be his last. Rain isn’t actually retiring from it all but he knows when enough is enough and will focus on one group.

Rain doesn’t seem to be closing doors forever, as he then concluded;

“If MBLAQ does well, doesn’t mean that I can produce other kids too?” and spoke with hope.

Well Rain, try not too look too stressed out. You’re doing a great job, much more than we expected to you anyways! If basically what you’re saying that you’re continuing on with what you’re doing and nothing more, (What’s wrong with that?) that’s fantastic. Keep it up!

Thanks to kbites