Big plays a major theme in my life. I like to dream big, carry big purses, wear big cocktail rings and over-sized sunglasses. It’s no surprise that for Christmas this year, one of my wishes (I wish big too) is for a surplus of sexy, hot Asian male celebrities under the mistletoe. I’m not talking a simple list of the hottest Asian celebrity dudes ever. I’m talking surplus, as in I might need to take periodic oxygen breaks every now and then. Or surplus, as in…you’re considered famous if you’re a hot Asian male and you’re under the mistletoe with me.

Since I obviously can’t list out an entire surplus in a blog post, the following are all non-negotiable sexy, hot Asian male celebrities. I mean, if someone feels like making my wish come true, ya know?

It’s totally sad that they canned your show, Daniel Henney. How about I cast you as someone that stands under the mistletoe with me? Your role’s main motivation is mistletoe things.

Is it creepy that Laren’s interviewed Takeshi Kaneshiro, and yet here I am wishing to make out with him? Probably. (Hey Takeshi Kaneshiro’s publicist, call me! Hollatcha girl!)

True story: One time I watched a Korean artsy-fartsy flick called La Belle that could’ve easily passed for soft-porn. I consider it to be one of the best hour-and-thirty minutes of my life. Thank you Oh Ji Ho. Especially for having such an awesome name which, for the sake of this blog post is actually OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Ji ho.

Nothing says sexy like a man who eats flower petals under the direction of fashion photographer Terry Richardson. With that said, I only have eyes for Big Bang’s T.O.P. (When it comes to Big Bang.)

Before you throw things at me, know that I didn’t specify whether these celebrities be alive or animated. Can you blame me though? Tuxedo Mask just looks like he gives good mistletoe action. I’ve been officially jealous of Sailor Moon since 1992.

Tony Leung. Three words: Asian Clark Gable. Just make sure to leave the cigarette.

Consider this just a fraction of the surplus. Who would you want to get under the mistletoe?

The 12 Days of Christmas Special: This blog post is just one wish off the Official Ningin Christmas Wish List. Stay tuned everyday until Christmas for more wishes!