I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. Lots of pretty cool moments this year on Ningin. Hmm, I’m thinking we should do an End of the Year special just to recap everything. If you recall, we did one for 2008. This year, the End of the Year special will be more epic! But I’m getting ahead of myself. We still have a few more days before Christmas. Jinra and the Ningin Bloggers have been really nice this year and hopefully Santa will grant them everything they asked for in their 12 Days of Christmas Special. Though, Jinra already has lots of sexy, hot Asian men surrounding her on a regular basis. I guess you can never have enough of those. Since all Ningin users have been really good this year, we have something special in mind for all of you! It’ll be unveiled in a few days or so. I hope you guys like games!

Let’s see who the best 2PM fans are this week. Why it’s Lilsparky67, AnabelStars, and karens2! They’ll be rewarded with a lovely 2PM poster that they can stare at as they fall asleep. i2ayumi made it close, but it wasn’t meant to be. phanxuanna12297, AlexaNguyen, ludachris714, ContagiousLaughter, TammyBlock aka (sh0r0ck, newly minted Rekuru blogger), and DannyTruong rounds out the top 10. Congrats to everyone!

Next week’s prize: 2PM’s 1:59 album.

Current contest: Ninja Assassin Posters, Mixr Holiday Rewards.

Pin Game: Chipmunks Squeakquel

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Stay warm for those in temperate climates!