Blink, and you just might miss just about everything thats happened this week. For serial blinkers and lazy people, the weekly wrap-up is just for you.

Sunday, 12/13

JYP is retiring in 2010, what?
Sundown Seoul’d Out Festival’s press conference in Singapore
More anime traps
Weekly Prize Winners 12/13
Five reasons why Gackt will be single forever

Monday 12/14

Peripheral Crazy: WiiWaa (via Wirebot)
Become Hello Kitty merc
Manliest manga and anime
5 ways to know you’re dating a video game character
Mixr Holiday rewards entry deadline extended
Kimi Ni Todoke: Romantic Comedy with Sadako
The 12 Days of Christmas Special
CrazySingleLife Special: Top 5 Video Game Relationships (via Wirebot)
Christmas Wish No.12: A library full of manga
Docomo’s Q-pot Melting Chocolate phones are meant for talking, not eating (via GirlyBubble)
A Plusle and Minun Review: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Johnny Depp Japanese interview

Tuesday 12/15

One is the Lonliest Number: 5 Video Game Characters That are Doomed to Single Life (via Wirebot)
Yoko Ono strikes again: Lennon Museum no more
Do You Need Bananas In Your Ears? (via Rekuru)
Wonder Girls Interview at Q102’s Jingle Ball 2009
Wirebot’s CrazySingleLife: Nintendo Helps You Get Out Of A Bad Date
Romance: Filipino Style
Christmas Wish No. 11: A scandal free 2010 for Korean entertainment
Goodbye Wendy’s Japan

Wednesday 12/16

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It - A Rekuru Review Of 20th Century Boys 1: Beginning of the End (via Rekuru)
Zack Fair will be in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and other interesting news
The Mnet Best artist of the year is..The best Korean MV of the year is..
BoA’s White Wishes lands at no.3, Album in 2010 and carnival
Christmas Wish No.10: For weird people to stop oogling me at Vietnamese Coffee Shops
Japanese Christmas KFC

Thursday 12/17

Will the Sony EyePet Replace Real Pets? (via Wirebot)
A Very Domo Christmas
Is he hot enough for you?
The world’s largest solar powered building unveiled (via ZiggyTek)
Commercial Win or Fail: We’re All Hyped-up Because of These Final Fantasy XIII Ads + Trailers (via Wirebot)
Girls’ Generation owns us in 2009 with 6 Melon awards
Christmas Wish No. 9: For Three Rivers to Come Back to TV
International Beauty Report: Have You Had Your Collagen Today? (via FlauntMe)
Fate/Stay Night Movie

Friday 12/18

SMAP SHOP ‘09 Opens December 18th (via Rekuru)
Son Dam Bi and Wonder Girls lighting up the Christmas Tree 18th and 22nd
China’s condom fashion show
Autographed Justin Chon headshot giveaway winner (via SwanDiary)
Final Fantasy XIII Japanese launch day arrives
Namie Amuro is a fan of Gundam
Anime You Should See Before You Die: Week 5 - Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind (via Rekuru)
Red Cliff poster giveaway winner!
Final Fantasy XIII Xbox LIVE Promotional: A Chocobo!? (via Wirebot)
Japanese Adult Diapers
Music to Mash Buttons To: Week of December 18th (via Wirebot)
Christmas Wish No. 8: For Girls’ Generation to be my girlfriend(s)

Saturday 12/19

Truck driver arrested for his unusual way of showing love
Rain will no longer produce any new singers
USB at its worst in Japan
Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel pin game
Christmas Wish. No 7: A life-sized Gundam figure