Epik High was part of my first time experience of Korean music. It was a magical moment. The deep lyrics mixed with the catchy beats immediately caught my attention and I fell in love for the first time. So, when I learned that Epik High had to take a 2 year hiatus due to DJ Tukutz’s mandatory military service, I was literally on the verge of crying.

Epik High produces great music with lyrics that go beyond the “I love you” or “let’s dance at the club” generality. They rap about what’s really going on in life and even involve controversial topics in their lyrics like religion and the government. There’s also a poetic quality to the music and with no Tukutz behind the scenes the music would not feel the same. I feel that Epik High would not be Epik High without its DJ like how many of you may feel that 2PM is not complete without their leader Jaebum. They’ve been releasing music together since 2003 and the sudden announcement of Tukutz’s enrollment was a shock.

Also, he barely got married to his first love a couple of days before he left for the military! What a bittersweet wedding.

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