Many of you have heard the recent news about Sun Mi’s decision to leave the Wonder Girls. She intends to suspend her music career and pursue her education; a noble cause. So, how much do you really know about this Wonder Girl from outer space? Here’s the story behind the girl…

Born on May 2, 1992, Sunmi (선미) joined the JYP Entertainment Academy in her teens and trained for one and half years before being placed in the fledgling group known as the “Wonder Girls.” Sunmi was the sub-vocalist in the group, showing promising singing ability. Their debut song entitled “Irony” didn’t really stick in the minds of their fans, and the Wonder Girls later suffered the loss a their rapper, Kim Hyun Ah, due to health issues. Hyun Ah was later replaced by Kim Yoobin, and the Wonder Girls proceeded to comeback with their new single entitled “Tell Me.” With both a catchy tune and dance, Tell Me went viral in Korea, and the Wonder Girls were stars. “So Hot” and “Nobody” followed shortly after and solidified the spot of the Wonder Girls in Korean pop.

Branching off of their success in South Korea, JYP Entertainment decided to start exposing the girls to other places in the world, namely the United States. Working diligently during the JYP concert tour in the US, the Wonder Girls were discovered by Papa Jonas, who invited them to go on tour with his sons, the Jonas Brothers. With this act under their belts, the Wonder Girls started gaining increasing popularity in the United States and even got gigs on national television (The Wendy Williams Show and So You Think You Can Dance). Sun Mi’s fame, however, would be short-lived, as she announced her departure from the group on Friday, January 22nd. The Wonder Girls’ English album is set to hit in February and Sun Mi will be returning to South Korea shortly after the album promotions.

But enough about the group, let’s get back to focusing on Sun Mi. Sun Mi is known for her cute, silly, and innocent nature. Fans have given her the nickname of “4D” and “Alien.” On the Wonder Girls’ English website, they refer to her as “The Daydreamer.” All of these nicknames are quite apt, as Sun Mi tends to be off in her own little world (see examples below). Don’t let that fool you though, because behind that curtain of puppy dogs and rainbows is a fairly strong singer and dancer.

We’ll miss you, Sun Mi, but let’s not forget to give a big warm welcome to Hae Lim when she makes her debut in March!

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yup <3

^ Oh okay, but at least they’re big enough to love. raspberry

^ yeah but the other images i found are really big

^ Are there more silly pictures of Sunmi?

^ i know right? its so adorable, she does that all the time lol

^ Ha ha aww!

i’m going to miss this tangerine alien D:




We’ll miss you Sunmi! We hope you can return in the near future after your studies.

it sad when i heared that mimi will leave the wonder girls..we will mis you mimi..come back soon..

MiMi is beautiful I’m deeply sadden for her leaving the group

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