What exactly is a Pikatron? Is it a guitar? Nope. Is it a weapon? Negative. Is it a new video game controller? Naw. It’s a noise synthesizer and I want one!

The device was made by Japanese circuit bender Kaseo. He’s known for taking apart his Pokemon toys and creating some interesting items, including a Pikachu Orchestra. You can view those items on his Youtube Channel.

I’m not a musician or anything but I would like to get my hands on this Pikatron and try out a few beats. Maybe make my own little Pokemon rap while I’m on it…or not. That’s actually a disturbing thought. Me rapping….I gave myself the chills.

Anyways, you can see it in action below. It doesn’t sound much like music- more like a strange sci-fi movie and Pikachu is stuck in the middle of it.

Now am I the only one imagining a Pokemon sci-fi movie where this synthesizer is some kind of electric sword or laser? Or is it just my wild imagination? Tell me I’m not crazy.

Source: Kotaku