According to the source, “Christopher Handley, the Iowa man on trial for possessing manga ‘drawings of children being sexually abused,’ was sentenced on Thursday to six months in prison. Following this sentence, Handley must serve three years of supervised release and five years of probation. Both of these terms will start upon his release from prison and will run concurrently. Handley also agreed to forfeit all seized materials, including his computer. During Handley’s supervised release and probation, Handley must also “participate in a treatment program, to include psychological testing and a polygraph examination, as directed by the U. S. Probation Officer.” According to earlier court documents, this last provision is “intended to provide [Handley] with diagnosis and treatment for sexually and/or gender identity or other mental health issues.”

I think it’s disgusting to be even writing/publishing/reading these kinds of manga. I think it should be illegal personally. To have those kinds of things available, just lets pedophiles run wild.

What do you guys think?