One of Kpop’s hottest new girl groups of 2009, 4Minute, and new boy group BEAST’s rapper Junhyung have recently been featured in American R&B star Amerie’s new single “Heard’em All”. This was made possible after 4Minute’s and BEAST’s Cube Entertainment signs on with Universal Records, which allows the rising new stars to host concerts in many Asian countries and now to be featured in an American record.

Now I’m not sure if this single is gonna be released in the U.S. or Korea because the 4Minute girls (or more like HyunA) are rapping in Korean…and sadly, JunHyung’s parts in this song is really (reallyyyy) limited.
From what I know, Amerie has her roots of being half Korean so this is not a big surprise why Universal decided for her to collab with Kpop artists.

I was expecting a little more but give it a try and see how it goes with your own music taste ^^;

Source: XDDDD30@youtube