Episode 4 of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Yamanade, as I’ll call it from now on) has finally been subbed!!!! So here’s what went down.


At the end of episode 3 we see that *gasp* the landlady is back and pissed that Sunako is not a lady! So, she sets up a omai a.k.a blind date to arrange a marriage with an ikemen (good looking guy). Sunako reluctantly participates because she only wants to make her auntie (landlady) happy. So, as her and the 4 guys wait for it to start, the ikemen shows up only to be revealed as an old guy that is at least 40! Sunako actually likes him better this way because he isn’t “bright,” and he loves horror and has a lot of torture devices (red flag). Sunako actually starts liking him!!!
Obviously Kyohei is not happy with this although he doesn’t realize that he loves her at all in this episode. He does find out that the old guy is a sadist! The old guy sees him and has his henchmen lock him in a basement during his and Sunako’s wedding. Only Sunako doesn’t want to get married, so she slaps him as Kyohei beats his way out to save her. Kyohei just shows up when she does this, and that’s when they realize that the old guy is actually a masochist! *gasp*
Kyohei saves the day and him and Sunako run into the sunset. Not really, they actually go home. The landlady leaves with her cutie son saying he will take care of everyone. Before she leaves, she tells them all “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Bad idea, because this triggers all of the boys to *gasp* and yell ” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” (The subs literally said that.)

So, what happens next week? In the preview, it shows a mob of girls outside their house. Plus, there were pictures of the boys dressed as girls. Any ideas?

Thanks to estherzax at livejournal for making such great screencaps!!!