College life is so stressful. It’s enough to make people do crazy things. Much like this girl in Beijing, China who offered to have sex with anyone who would do one of her assignments. She was able to find someone and successfully submitted her work. The End. Or, at least that’s what she thought.

Her boyfriend found out about the deal and obviously, he wasn’t happy about it. So being the sweet boyfriend that he is, he exposed her little tryst by posting pictures of her and her personal information on the university’s forum.

I know revenge can be sweet but that was extreme. Exposing her to the whole campus instead of confronting her one-on-one. Then again, she did technically cheat on him for a petty reason (too lazy to do her homework). She could have asked for help, no?

And if you’re wondering what kind of assignment she was willing to sell her body for, it involved C programming (which I heard is pretty simple compared to other types of programming).

Source: Sankaku Complex