I will be completely honest when I say that when I first heard the teaser to this song, I really wanted to shoot someone in the face. Honestly… “gosshurp gurl?” REALLY? When the full song came out, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was more to this song when you looked past all the “Engrish.” This is Rainbow’s “Gossip Girl.”

The 7-member girl group called Rainbow has not gotten that much attention lately. I wouldn’t have given them much attention either, had it not been for the completely laugh-worthy Engrish. The thing about this song, though, is that it is very deceiving. At first listen, it sounds like a really cute-sy song. Upon further inspection, however, you’ll find that the song lacks very high-pitched verses. Another point is the incredible beat both in the verses and in the chorus. It’s very hard to explain why I like this song so much… I guess it’s similar to After School’s “Diva” in a way… It’s like a drug. Anyway, have a listen!