The “Boys Over Flowers” heartthrob and popular singer of group SS501, Kim Hyun Joong, is known to have a 4-D personality…and preferring pork intestines over steak is apparently one of his charms.

Kim Hyun Joong is a singer cum actor who has various type of charms. Having different charm from an extreme to another extreme, his diet choice is entirely different from his look. Judging from his outlook, he looked like one that love to frequent high class western restaurant, drinking red wine and love to eat steak, but actually it differs. Kim Hyun Joong love to eat spicy food and like south Korean food that has the original native taste.

Kim Hyun Joong particularly love gopchang*. Occasionally he will wear sports outfit and went to roadside stall together with his friends or manager.

Kim Hyun Joong can drink 3 to 4 bottles of soju (korean liquor). Eating gopchang* and chicken gizzard together with a cup of soju in roadside stall is most delicious. Kim Hyun Joong do not have special toasting cheer. After drinking too much and when he is slightly drunk, Kim Hyun Joong will smile more than usual. Kim Hyun Joong and gopchang* and roadside stall, definitely extraordinary and full of charm.

(*intestine of cattle/pork)

He’s traditional. I like I like ^^

Sources: + (Chinese translation) xinhm @ + (English translation)
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