The Music Video of the Day comes from one of my favorite bands of all time, the brilliant green! I wasn’t sure on which video to feature today but I went with the first song I’ve ever heard from them, Forever To Me, from their 2002 album The Winter Album. I really like the somberness emitted from both the song and the video. The simplistic setting and dark colors are the main features that attracts me to this video. There’s something about Tomoko Kawase’s (a.k.a. Tommy) voice that attracts me to her music. I’ll admit she doesn’t have the best vocals in the j-pop scene but the calmness of her voice mixed with her band’s instrumentals makes it a deadly combination for awesome rock music.

Also, if you thought Tomoko seemed familiar, her other persona Tommy heavenly6 was featured on a different Music Video of the Day segment. I’ll feature another one of her personas, Tommy february6, some other day.