Today on KBS’s Music Bank, a whole host of artists, including SNSD, 2AM, and Kim Jong Kook, performed the popular “You Raise Me Up” song in a tribute piece for the victims in Haiti. Keep reading to find out what I thought about this performance…

I am in no way against this tribute; I think it is a really noble cause, and I applaud them for making such a great effort. I did, however, as an American viewer, notice a couple of things that really hindered the overall feeling of performance for me.

The obvious first one is the English pronunciation. Yeah, it wasn’t completely horrible, but the enunciation, especially during last words of sentences, was really lacking. From my experience, it seems that many Korean artists struggle with this the most.

The second thing is just being picky, but the order that the lead singers were standing in went male-female-male-female-female-male. That kind of bothered me… I’m kind of OCD… But I digress.

The final thing I wanted to talk about was the choice of singers. I approved of most of them (especially Taeyeon), but there was one particular lead singer that I think could have been replaced with someone a little better; that was SNSD’s Jessica. Sure, Jessica would destroy all of us in a karaoke bar, but “You Raise Me Up” is, in all respects, a power ballad. It’s meant to really portray a sense of strength in times of hardship. Jessica, in my opinion, really does not have the voice to carry this song, especially as a lead vocalist. For me, she ruined the end of the song. I would have much rather preferred Tiffany to do the part (if we’re choosing native speakers), because her voice is a lot more powerful than Jessica’s.

All that being said, it was an overall pleasant performance. The lighting was a very nice touch, and the chorus in the back did a great job. My condolences to all those that are suffering right now in Haiti.

See it for yourself below:

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I loved the performance, it was heartfelt and sincere.

Haiti is changing a lot of people around the world :\

I loved the performance. Gavy NJ’s (is this her name? lol idk) vocal was amazing. Taeyeon was awesome as always.

well i think in a whole it was pretty amazing :D but i think your right like she dose have a really little voice

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