Guess what? The Wonder Girls are going to release a Korean album along with their US album! How awesome is that? I wonder if they’ll be able to get back on top after all these girl groups debuted last year.
Good luck to them!

Bloopers are always fun to watch, especially if they’re done by your favorite k-pop stars. Music Core did a special showing the mistakes some of our idols did during performances. My favorites are Rain’s and Ga-in’s mistakes.
Bloopers galore!

Kirsten Dunst’s Akihabara Majokko Princess video is out and it’s full of spunk. Who else thinks that blue hair fits her?
I think I’m Turning Japanese.

A Final Fantasy VII remake would have been made if it didn’t take so long. Director of the original Playstation game Yoshinori Kitase stated that he would not mind making a remake if it only took a year to produce such a game. Looking at the situation, it doesn’t look like that will be happening any time soon. Bummer.
Maybe in the future?