An unfortunate accident occurred during Pankaj Kishore Karotia’s wedding that started out with a celebration and ended with death. His uncle wanted to shoot one last celebratory shot when his gun suddenly fired while he was loading it. Unfortunately, Karotia was in the line of fire and was shot in the head. At least his bride was waiting in the car to go to her family’s home instead of being present to witness her lover’s death.

The uncle was arrested for guilty homicide. It’s sort of hard to prove if he shot the groom on purpose or if it really was an accident. All we know is that it was the uncle’s fault for Karotia’s death.

Don’t you hate how our lives can drastically change in a few seconds? A day for celebration and love turns into one of guilt and sadness in a blink of an eye. My condolences goes to the family of Karotia.

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