Netizens have a wide variety of choices from these girl groups to choose from: SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls, 2NE1, T-ara, 4Minute, KARA, Davichi, and After School. But which two members made it on top of these lists? The results may indeed surprise you all ;)

Marriage information company Wedian and the couple managers used a marriage quotient program with the idol girl group members and revealed the results of marriage quotient analysis.

The image of ‘good wife and wise mother’ is the Korean society’s classic ideal type of woman who focuses on supporting the husband and living a wise life.

1. SNSD’s Seohyun (97 points)
2. Brown Eyed Girl Narsha (94 points)
3. 2NE1’s Park Bom (91 points)
4. T-ara’s Eunjung (87 points)
5. 4Minute’s Jun Jiyoon (83 points)
6. SNSD’s Taeyeon (81 points)
7. SNSD’s Yuri (80 points)
8. KARA’s Goo Hara (76 points)
9. KARA’s Park Gyuri (75 points)
10. Davichi’s Kang Minkyung (75 points)
11. SNSD’s Jessica (74 points)
12. Soomi (73 points)
13. Brown Eyed Girl Ga-in (72 points)

Career woman style is a type of woman who will remain active in society with the husband while continuing to self-develop.

These girl groups in order seemed to be the career woman style of girls:

1. 2NE1’s CL (98 points)
2. SNSD’s Sunny (97 points)
3. 2NE1’s Sandara Park (95 points)
4. SNSD’s Yoona (94 points)
5. 4Minute’s Kim Hyunah (94 points)
6. T-ara’s Hyomin (88 points)
7. KARA’s Han Seungyeon (85 points)
8. KARA’s Nicole (84 points)
9. SNSD’s Sooyoung (83 points)
10. After School’s Uee (81 points)

These members were chosen for the survey with their own style and time of wanted marriage, public information (personality, education, blood type, age), and their image on TV along with the couple managers’ views.

Sources: Naver

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how about good fathers and career man!? lol raspberry

CL bb is lookin fierce

^^ lol then I’m good with appropriate pictures wink

^ Yeah, it’s a nice picture and Seohyun too.

I know!! Its a nice picture of CL too :D

^ Especially in that picture. Ha ha

CL looks ready to do some business!

I suppose this all fits well.

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