Before the rise of idol groups, solo singers like Bi Rain and Se7en were HUGE in the Kpop world. But as soon as Se7en left for his failed attempt at conquering the American market and Rain left to act, the two artists’ fame died down as singers. However, with the news of their comebacks in 2010 - will these two giant solos be facing off each other again on stage?

Legend goes that when JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment were still young, Rain (JYP) and Se7en (YG) were seen as sharp competitors and so netizens saw latter groups like 2PM vs. Big Bang or Wonder Girls vs. 2NE1, etc…so now, when both of these solo artists announce their comebacks in 2010, netizens begin to wonder if they’re gonna battle it out like the old times.

According to JTunes representative (Rain switched companies), Rain will be releasing a mini-album with 4-5 songs coming April, and after the release of this special album he will released a full length album in October. This will be his new single album released 1 year and 6 months after his 5th album ‘Rainisim’ released in May 2008.

Meanwhile, Se7en will be returning with his new album this Spring after undergoing a four-year-long hiatus. It has just been reported that Se7en is still in the progress of recording with various well-known producers, and will finally be finished around May.

Sources: Allkpop + Kbites

So most likely, we won’t be seeing the two on screen together, of course. However, I would certainly be watching out for these two comebacks seeing it’s been awhile and the only way they could redeem their old titles is to release something good! :)

But the question is, which comeback are YOU anticipating for?