A man in Hong Kong who has been fed up with living in cramped places, decided to make a home where you can literally transform the rooms.

Gary Chang designed a home where he can move around walls to accommodate more room for a small area. His flat is designed like so: sliding a wall of cds reveals a laundry space, sliding a wall with a plasma tv on it reveals a kitchen, bathtub turns into a guest bed, and the toilet is the only enclosed space in his home.

It’s a very unique idea but I think I wouldn’t want to live in such a place. I prefer the old-fashioned apartments and houses. Though in Hong Kong, this would be a great idea considering its huge population and limited space (Japan too!). I mean, this guy can change his home in 24 different ways, each tending to a specific need.

Would you live in a home like this? It’s a bit pricey though. It cost Chang approximately $231,700 to create. Not exactly in my price range.


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I love it...I think if I had it that all the movements would be electronic.  That way everything would move at the push of a button. smile

wow that’s a nice idea.. I wouldn’t want to live in such home though.. first, it’s too expensive.. second, I’m too lazy to move those walls around :D

uh-oh, that’s not good^ D:

now that you guys mentioned getting trapped, i started to feel clausterphobic XD

His so cool, living in such a cool house

This is a really interesting idea.

...I never thought about getting trapped. Now it does seem scarier. xD

that is dangerous! i would like to own one *haha yeah right* but not live there though XD its kinda scary and dangerous!

It seems dangerous lol. I still prefer my house.

That’s so cool. I’d like to see visit one as well!

Whoa that’s so cool! Though it would be kinda scary if someone trapped you in that bath tub. =\

Wow, I actually expected it to cost more. xD
I’d really love to visit a house like that!

dang thats really cool, i’d love to see one of these kinds of houses in person

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