A man in Hong Kong who has been fed up with living in cramped places, decided to make a home where you can literally transform the rooms.

Gary Chang designed a home where he can move around walls to accommodate more room for a small area. His flat is designed like so: sliding a wall of cds reveals a laundry space, sliding a wall with a plasma tv on it reveals a kitchen, bathtub turns into a guest bed, and the toilet is the only enclosed space in his home.

It’s a very unique idea but I think I wouldn’t want to live in such a place. I prefer the old-fashioned apartments and houses. Though in Hong Kong, this would be a great idea considering its huge population and limited space (Japan too!). I mean, this guy can change his home in 24 different ways, each tending to a specific need.

Would you live in a home like this? It’s a bit pricey though. It cost Chang approximately $231,700 to create. Not exactly in my price range.