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via OMGHaute: New York Fashion Week: LORICK Fall 2010 More »

2NE1 recently had a photoshoot for Bean Pole Jeans. The four-member female group slipped on their jeans and prepared to rock the cameras. More »

So I finally had the time today to sit down and watch Chuno Episode 12, and it was absolutely amazing!! Keep reading for a summary and analysis of what happened. More »

Japan’s population has come to a virtual standstill. Its not growing. In fact everyone is slightly freaked out because the population is really really old and about ready to retire. Well now the government has a plan! More »

How’s BoA doing at her current Identity tour? Her first day just passed, and was set at Kobe, Japan. She sure looked excited in these shots! Seems BoA is sporting some of her most recent fashion designs. Still some traces of MJ here, as well as good amount of plaid, topped off with gold shoes. What do you think? More »

The fillers continue with Bleach Episode 258: Stray Snake, Tortured Monkey. The episode continues with the sword fiend arc and revolves around Renji and his zampakutou Zabimaru. More »

Looks like Big Bang has ditched 2NE1 and is moving on with promotions for the LG Lollipop 2. A short preview was recently released of the song. Will this song live up to the first one? Or will it be lacking a certain “female touch?” Keep reading for Tuc’s take on things… More »

Lately if you have been keeping up with 2PM on TV, you will probably have noticed Taecyeon’s usually habit of ripping off his shirt on almost every show and advertisement he performed on…has it become an addiction to this once dorky/nerdy beast? More »

Singer/Songwriter A-Chord lost his virginity to a girlfriend that he loved, and he says he has been asking God forgiveness ever since. He has been Christian his whole life but was just baptized when he was 20. A lot of artists have been declaring their Christian faith, but this cutie is staying himself. He admitted to having 11 girlfriends, but he denounced the whole one night stand. He says that to have sex you need to have an emotional connection, otherwise you might as well go to a brothel(Snap. That has to be a blow to some girls’ self esteems.). I didn’t know a whole lot about him, and I imagine Ninginers don’t either, so I did some research More »

Here’s an interesting fanart that combines the style of Matt Groening (The Simpsons, Futurama) and the characters from Death Note. It’s a strange combination but it surprisingly works! More »

It has just been announced that Japan’s TBS will be airing a drama about a male rhythmic gymnastics team. It will star the rising talents of Yusuke Yamamoto, Koji Seto, Kento Kaku (He is seriously in everything now.) and Daito Shunsuke. Not to mention others. They are hoping that this drama will soon help rhythmic gymnastic teams gain exposure like Waterboys did for male synchronized swimming. Waterboys also shot Satoshi Tsumabaki and Hiroshi Tamaki to fame. More »

JYONGRI’s sweet song, Winter Love Story is featured in this session of Music Video of the Day. More »

A man in Aichi Prefecture, Japan decided to pay back his neighbor for all the noise that irritated him when he lived in Toyota City’s apartment complex. He was so grateful for the noise that he went overboard with the pay back and decided to set his apartment on fire. More »

Is SNSD/Girls’ Generation going to rule the world? I say this because their second album, Oh! has made it into Japan’s Oricon charts without them doing promotions in Japan. Sure it was only on the 54th spot for the second week of February but that’s impressive for not even trying to break into the Japanese market. More »

I have a very wide variety of musical tastes, and one genre that I have not highlighted yet is rock. Although I’m not a hardcore J-rock fan, I will admit that I indulge in my occasional dose of it. Today’s song of the day is Aqua Timez’s “Velonica.” More »

It has been revealed before in one of Big Bang G-Dragon’s solo interviews that he was once a trainee at SM Entertainment for 5 years. Therefore not surprisingly, G-Dragon finally revealed that he and the DBSK hyungs have been good friends for quite awhile. More »

Now that we’ve got you under our lovespell of amazing February giveaways, we’ve made it so that you’ll be ours forever. As part of a new weekly giveaway, we’re giving away one TVXQ The 3rd Asia Tour Concert “Mirotic” in Seoul 3DVD + Photobook + Bookmark set, courtesy of YesAsia. More »

After being confirmed as the next “We Got Married 2″ couple and despite all the strong protests from netizens and fans from both sides, C.N BLUE’s leader Jung Yong Hwa finally takes his ‘girlfriend’ SNSD’s Seohyun on their first date. And I hate to admit this but…they actually looks really cute together >.< More »

From Wirebot:

As many of you probably know, yesterday marked the start of an epic phase in the gaming world. Blizzard finally launched its Beta phase for the new Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty game. After having messed with the original Starcraft for THE LONGEST TIME (you know how long it’s been, with those outdated graphics and semi-awkward gameplay), having the chance to finally unveil this new horizon has been nothing but A+ for me so far. More »

Sorry to all you Chuno fans on Ningin, but I haven’t found the time to watch Chuno Episode 12 yet! Gah! I know, it’s killing me inside, too. More »

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