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From Girlybubble: Born and raised in Chicago, Lawrence Yang first started out as a computer science major, who switched to biology, and then finally finished with industrial design where he found his passion in interaction design art.

Influenced by graffiti and traditional Chinese painting, he works with ink, marker, and watercolor to communicate atmosphere and emotion, trying to create order out of chaos (& vice versa). More »

First, let’s get the facts of what went down with T-ara at a recent sports event in which they were criticized for wearing revealing clothes and saying the wrong things. More »

I was browsing through YouTube when I came across a user named yaya2pm whose videos consist of performance compilations, and they’re simply amazing. So far all of yaya2pm’s videos are, well obviously, about 2PM. More »

So judging from my previous posts, you probably think that I have something against overly happy/cute songs, right? Well, not quite. Today, my song choice is After School’s second single entitled “Diva.” More »

Meisa Kuroki, Japanese actress and singer, is one fierce woman. Anyway, she can’t really sing that well, but her sheer awesomeness totally overpowers it. Check out her most recent music video “Are ya Ready?” More »

From Girlybubble: Without ever knowing what Nyan Nyan Nyanko is, most people would assume that Japanese people eat cats because it is always seen stuffed into a hamburger or fries. Fortunately, the whole point of stuffing a cat into food is to be cute (or kawaii) and not to eat. So please, do not confuse this super cute commercial for a restaurant advertising cat burgers or fries. Just think of it as the best 46 seconds of your life, ever. More »

JYPE finally released the Wonder Girls’ 1st national virus/hit/craze “Tell Me” in Chinese! Although I’m not Chinese so I really can’t judge how the girls are doing BUT from all the comments I have seen from the Chinese version of “Nobody,” the girls have trouble BIG TIME with the language. So for those of you who can actually understand them, how are they doing? More »

via Wirebot: ME2:Blasto the Hanar Spectre Reality TV Games Spotlight: The Amazing Race

via Ziggytek: Beautiful iPad Wallpapers: Collect Them All Google Airs Super Bowl Commercial “Parisian Love”

via HTCYou: Motorola Devour: Commercial Featuring Megan Fox via Ningin: TWINS are reuniting!! Seiko Matsuda to appear on Bones

via Rekuru: Put Those Old Tires To Good Use

via Flaunt Me: Stila Love Rewards Program

via GirlyBubble: Lawrence Yang - Cute Chaos in art

via BlitzNation: Saints Win Super Bowl XLIV, 31-17

via CrazySingleLife: Craigslist Personals Ads Hall of Shame: Cat man seeks Cat lady More »

OH! My thoughts on this week can only be expressed through a poem: Roses are red, violets are blue, Ningin is awesome and so are you. I hope it’s not obvious that I’m trying hard to make you fall in love with me. Did I say me? Uh, I meant Mixr. This week, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day we launched the ultimate special of all specials, Falling in Love with Mixr. Not only will we be launching a Mixr network-wide Valentine’s Day editorial special, we’ve got tons of valentines we’re giving away. More »

This week’s pin challenge should you choose to accept: Quicktype! If you can remember from the MLG Ladder, Quicktype is a game that tests your typing skills by requiring you to quickly type moving words before they expire. More »

Seems like it’s a full moon with last week’s Luna pin challenge. As a recap, Luna is a game in which the objective is to pass colored balls into matching portals. The challenge was to score 30k+ points to earn a Sailor Moon Luna pin. Land yourself in the top 3 you also earned an Artemis pin. Quite the challenge! Congratulations to the following top 3 Luna scorers: More »

Chuno Episode 10 was released the other day and just recently subbed. I just finished watching it. My one comment: WOW! Read on to find out what happened… More »

On a Thursday morning in Japan, 45-year-old Susumu Moriya was arrested for drunk driving after arriving at a police station to renew his driver’s license. More »

Get intimate with Jaejoong of DBSK/Tohoshinki in the recent issue of S Kawaii Magazine. Get to know what kind of room he has, his hobbies, and favorite movie and music. Also, if you’re single, he wants you to send him chocolate on Valentine’s Day so he won’t feel so lonely! More »

Cantopop duo TWINS were HUGE in the early 2000s before Gillian Chung was involved in the Edison Chen scandal. The two were big in the music scene and in movies. With their 10 year anniversary coming up, the two find it necessary to get back together. Although I never listened to them or was a big fan, I’m glad the two are getting back together, and that Gillian is bouncing back finally. I might start listening to them now. More »

Today’s Music Video of the Day features an artist who, for some reason, is not in the known. That artist is AJOO and his music video Paparazzi makes an appearance on today’s segment. More »

Best-known for dressing Michelle Obama, fashion designer Jason Wu will soon be adding sunglasses to his list of items for use of (fashion) world domination. With the collaborative help of high-end sunglasses retailer Modo, the line of Jason Wu sunnies will be released this month in four styles. The price of the sunglasses aren’t exactly for the weak of wallet at $275 a pop, but they’re pretty to look at. More »

CNblue, a newly debuted group just months ago, are already knee deep in the water. Usually, the netizen claims for plagiarism are never valid from other major blogs out there, and few lawsuits ever surfaced from them. In this particular case I’d say they should have taken precaution. More »

From Rekuru: Is Purikura too ‘tame’ for you? Has the thrill of drawing strawberries and fireworks all over your friends worn off? Well then you might want to give Videkura a try. More »

Seiko Matsuda, a 47 year old Japanese singer and actress, is set to appear on Bones. She is set to play a Japanese journalist although it seems she won’t be a regular on a show. She has said that she will gladly come back again. Fluent in English and fairly well known, she was exactly what they were looking for. I’m really excited for her. More »

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