Looking at the title you may think “Gross”, “ewww”, or “that’s pretty gay” right? Well if you are one of the many Super Junior fan girls (or even girls…and maybe some guys..in general), you may find the pictures below of Siwon quite hard to decide whether it’s Hot or Not.

Super Junior’s Siwon, along with f(x)’s Sulli, modeled for Andre Kim’s fashion show on March 3rd. This ‘alien’ designer is world famous for these types of wedding gowns and suits. However, there’s a particular suit that I don’t think is appropriate for both a wedding, or a straight guy to wear in general:

I mean, Siwon is ripped and he definitely pulled that shirt off in a way BUT it still looks quite ridiculous. What do you think?


Out of the whole fashion show, this is definitely my favorite ensemble (and no I don’t like pink even!):

Others that may catch your interest:

This one is just too cute↓

Source: Kpop Live