This is my third T-ARA mania post in a row, just because those girls are just way to hyper and can’t sit still! The group starts off the week strong, with a promotional campaign for just about everything under the sun. First off we have the girls featured in a cute Korean video game called Z9 Star, Hyomin goes camera selca crazy in Japan all while the Bubi Bubi (cell phone) shoot is finalized. What a week!

Making of Bubi Bubi

Hey doesn’t Eunjung remind you of TIFA from Final Fantasy VII? Omg she’s adorable!

Hyomin and the crew was also in Japan to work out their endorsement. Of course, not all of life is work so lots of fun pictures were taken.

She loves crepes just like me!

Well that’s it for now. I’ll see you later!

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Link 1 Pics
Link 2 pics

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