Only midway through the week and I bring you yet another T-ARA Mania post. I think you all know what my true wish in life is: (..Starts to daydream). AHEM! In this edition; The girls pose for Vogue Girl, reveal the concept and reasons for their “I’m Really Hurt” MV, in addition Hyomin continues to go selca crazy. There’s some additional cool stuff at the bottom.

If you were to combine classy, elegant, sexy and beautiful all into one you’d simply get the result below:

Video Warning: If you’re a male, heck even a female, I suggest placing cotton into your nostrils to stop the blood from draining.

The girls took some time to discuss their concept about “I’m Really Hurt.” At first I was wondering: “Why does the costume look so plain?” They just revealed the concept was designed to show an ambiguous gender; to contrast the ultra sexy look they were donning in “Crazy Because of You.” After hearing about this explanation, it’s not so bad afterall!

…were you curious of what the other girls will look like for Z9 Star?

And a few more Hyomin selcas: They are having so much fun in Japan!

Werk it, Werk it! The pose says so much.

Meeting with Eunjung, her best buddy:

I love ramen too!! Hyomin, we have another thing in common. (Call me!).

So to conclude, what does another super devoted T-ARA fan feel about my posts?

Well there you have it. I am sick and need help!

Additional selca’s from Hyomin here

Thanks to Tiaradiadems, newsnate