This week went by in a flash. Speaking of flashes, we interviewed FlashForward star John Cho this week. Aside from that, I’m certain that’s not the only reason why time flew so fast this past week — MLG Round V took place, we announced the upcoming epic MLG Kpop Battle and launched a handful of awesome giveaways.

Speaking of giveaways and opportunities to win stuff, how about a hand for our top 3 most active users of the week: harmonixia, LilSparky67 and AnabelStars. I’m beginning to think you guys have enormous wallspace for the amount of posters you guys win! Hope you enjoy those T-ARA posters!

Rounding out the top 10 last week are mmsamii, karens2, crimsion29, joonieshoney, conkwe, AlexaNguyen and DannyTruong. Werq it guys, werq!

This week’s prize: T-ARA albums (Take note: Only two winners will be selected this week.)

Pin Challenge: Hexa Connect

Current Giveaways: FFXIII video game, Ninja Assassin Blu-ray, The Host special edition DVDs

Stay tuned for MLG Round 5 winners and upcoming details for the MLG: Kpop Battle! Happy spring, everyone!

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