I have a dream that one day this website will rise up and live out its true potential: “To be the best and largest Asian entertainment community in the world!” I have a dream that one day we’ll unite anti’s and fans and transform their hatred of each other into useful discourse and competitive flash gaming. I have a dream that my kids one day can visit a website and not be judged by their fan affiliation but rather the content of their forum comments and the cuteness of their emoticons. I have a dream today!

This post was obviously inspired by a great unifier, Martin Luther King.

I think Ningin has gone through a lot of growth in the past 2 years. Last month nearly 300,000 unique people visited Ningin. I understand that we’re attracting more people now and thus more personalities. It doesn’t change the fact that there’s no need to be hostile towards each other if we have a difference of opinions. Save that for other websites =)

If there is a problem with someone, pm one of the mods or admins. They’re all listed on the side of the forums. It’s better to let us deal with it. That’s what we’re here for.

At some point the future, we intend to overhaul the commenting system so that you can vote up/down comments with negative comments being hidden. Until then, stay classy Ningin.