Notorious J-rocker Gackt graced the stage last night for a “men only” concert. This concert was held to commemorate the “way of the man.”

The show quickly sold out. On the night of the show, 1300 men showed up to listen to Gackt perform. IN addition, 60 women and one male-to-female transgender listened eagerly in the lobby of the performance hall. After the concert ended, Gackt announced that he would be touring soon. The dates for the tour are as follows:

“Yellow Fried Chicken” Tour
Zepp Tokyo June 10 (Thu) 11 (Fri) 13 (Sun) 16 (Wed) 17 (Thu)
Zepp Nagoya June 21 (Mon) 22 (Tue) 24 (Thu) 25 (Fri)
Zepp Fukuoka June 28 (Mon) 29 (Tue) July 1 (Thu) 2 (Fri)
Zepp Osaka July 4th (Sun) 6 (Tue) 7th (Wed) 9 (Fri)
Zepp Sendai Aug 11th (Wed) 12 (Thu) 14 (Sat) 15 (Sun)
Zepp Sapporo Aug 17 (Tue) 19 (Thu) 20 (Fri)

Source: aramatheydidnt