The members of 2AM took turns to reveal their wishes for themselves for 10 years into the future. While the other three members are ambitiously wishing to pursue their entertainment career at the fullest, 2AM’s resident diva JoKwon thought of something more…out of the box.

2AM performed on the 20th at 7 PM at Seoul Gwangjangdong Ax Hall for the ‘YouTube Music Day’ live concert hosted by Nam Goongyeon, showing off their explosive vocals.

When asked about what they will be doing in 10 years, Seulong answered “I think 2AM will still be going. And I want to be a singer and actor like Uhm Junghwa and Im Changjung sunbae” and Changmin answered “I’m greedy about music so I think I will be composing. I also want to produce like Park Jinyoung hyung”.

The maknae Jinwoon answered with a smile “I think I will be studying more in England. I might be doing rock music”.

Lastly, JoKwon joked around answering “I want to do musicals. And I think I will be doing my own unique and creative music. I‘m wondering if I might become the male Lady Gaga.”

On this day, 2AM sang their hit songs’ This Song’, ‘Friend’s Confession,’ ‘Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die’ and their new song ‘I Did Wrong,’ drawing cheers from the crowd. Also, a live performance with attention-grabbing musicians 2AM, Clazziquai, Epik High, Tiger JK, Jung-in and Guckkasten was held through the special YouTube channel.

Source: 2ONEDAY

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^ Oh...that’s true.

^ it was only 2am for one of the DEG performances

^ Well that’s 1:59 PM and 2AM.

^ it is when they do DEG lol.

^ He performs with 2AM, that’s not funny. raspberry

^ more like 99.9% of the time

Jokwon is so funny sometimes. XD

Hahaha, true story.
Bracademy? raspberry

i think Jo Kwon, Brian, Key, and Kevin need to make a new kpop subgroup XD

And ssanti dancing! <3
All of Jo Kwon’s many faces are awesome. xD

^ his jitter knees and pouty face XD

Have fun with that, Anabel~ raspberry

I don’t think Jo Kwon’s outfits are outlandish enough for him to be the male Lady Gaga, but he makes up for it with outlandish actions and an outlandish face. Rofl.

harmonixia - 03/23/10 11:51 pm

Oh boy, what a GIF. My eyes~! xD

i could stare at it all day XD

I think he would do well as the male lady gaga^.^
He has the personality for it^.^

Oh boy, what a GIF. My eyes~! xD

AnabelStars - 03/23/10 9:29 pm

only can be described in gif form.


you got it. XD

If I didn’t read the title beforehand, I wouldn’t know that the guy in the picture is Jo Kwon X)
Good luck to him… I guess

only can be described in gif form.


...Words cannot describe how flail-y and spastic he is. xD

jokwon is too awesome for words sometimes XD

...That expression is SO ridiculous, I didn’t even recognize him. Lol, Jo Kwon <3

hahahaha lol i love jo kwon’s expression in that picture xD

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