Among Kpop fans, when you’re talking about SNSD, which names usually come up first? There’s YoonA, Jessica, SeoHyun, and Taeyeon who have been stealing the spotlight lately. But what about the least popular member Hyoyeon? Well no more of that~ American guys think she’s the hottest!

At the beginning of March, YouTube account daisukeeeee88 uploaded three videos of his four American friends picking the “hottest member of SNSD” when watching their MV “Oh!”

Since people tend to think Asians look alike, the guys had to use numbers on the girls’ clothes to differentiate one girl from another. It was quite obvious to tell that they liked Hyoyeon, number 32, the most. This is kind of ironic because she is considered an underrated member of SNSD.

They also really liked Yuri, Yoona, Jessica and Sooyoung.

Just in case you forgot: Hyoyeon’s number is 32, Jessica’s is 22, Sunny’s is 12, Sooyoung’s is 24, Taeyeon’s is 9, Yoona’s is 7, Yuri’s is 21, Seohyun’s is 11 and Tiffany’s is 0.

Check out the videos:

Source: Allkpop

ho snap! I feel happy that Hyoyeon is finally taking her share of the spotlight early this year :D

(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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My Dad said Yoona from one picture I showed him. Ha ha

my brother likes tiffany from gee concept best

lol im pretty sure 100% my brother will vote for her..XD

haha im sure at least one of my guy friends would vote for yuri

they should vote for yuri!! smile

i asked one of my friends that came over and he voted for Jessica.

^ Fighting!

gotta wait till spring breaks over so i can show them XD

^ Hwaiting for you to do it!

Lilsparky67 - 03/26/10 5:40 pm

Anabel will eventually get around to doing it. XD

you bet I am XD

Anabel will eventually get around to doing it. XD

Ahh, I see.
We have a library (with computers) and a computer lab that we can use during free periods and lunch!

^ well i dont hang out with my friends during class, i need to show them while everyones at the cafeteria XD

^ You can’t show them on a school computer? ;O

i need to take my laptop to school and ask my guy friends to pick out which one they like best XD

Who doesn’t? Hyoyeon is pretti-est!

Hahaha this was too funny to watch! They’re so indecisive. But that’s expected when you have 9 talented babes to choose from.

Lilsparky67 - 03/24/10 2:36 am

I would have called out the number nine.

i would have never guessed.

hahahhahaha! those guys really made my day! I was just dieing watching them..and Hyoyeon deserves it! She should definitely get more spotlight smile

Hyoyeon is hands down the best dancer of the group.  It makes sense that those guys would notice her first.  My favorite is no. 22 - Jessica.  I always felt she was overlooked and misunderstood when SNSD was just coming out having an ice princess rep and all.  Now, she’s one of the most popular members.  Jessica, the ninja assassin, goes unnoticed at first but then comes out of no where to steal your heart.  She’s sneaky like that.  Whoa!! Who are you, 22!?

Unless they like to swing the other way; for example, Super Junior.

I suppose asian american men dont count in this poll? lol

I would have called out the number nine.

I think that’s because she’s mainly a dancer, and not much a singer, so she’s not in the spotlight as much? Unless they’re doing dance offs or something.

crimsion29 - 03/23/10 6:55 pm

I am really happy how the guys were able to see her beauty and talent in just minutes of watching her^.^
She really deserves a lot more credit^.^
Hyoyeon HWATING^.^

IA. she’s always the underrated one it’s kinda sickening :/

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