Yesterday we switched over to the new EXP scoring system for good. For the most part there were no issues and hopefully none will come up later. As I explained earlier, there are a lot of changes. Refer to that post if you forgot what some of them were. I’m going to get into hints and tips about the fastest ways to score EXP.

1. Free EXP - We make it very easy to score EXP. Every day that you log in you got some points. Every day that you have an avatar you get some points. Every day that you hold a record in one of our flash games you get a lot of points. Note, you need to log in each day for these points to trigger. For those that visit Ningin everyday, consider this a thank you for being a loyal reader.

2. Record Holders - You earn a lot of points for free each day provided that you hold a gaming record. Only tournament games qualify for this of which we have about 50 at the time of this post. These points are cumulative. If you have 5 records, you get 5x the free EXP. Again you need to log in daily for this to trigger. That’s mainly the reason why conkwe is ranked so high right now =)

3. MLG matches - Just about every week, we have some sort of Mixr League Gaming match. If you participate in it, you get 100 EXP points. If your team wins, you’ll get 500 EXP points and probably a pin as well. Participation isn’t hard. You just need to record one score to count as participated.

4. Early comments - This is simple enough. Be the first to comment in a blog post, forum topic, or Newsstream story, and get extra points. Comments 2-5 gets extra too. We like people that are quick to respond. Though, stupid comments (such as “first”) will get deleted and you’ll lose all those points and then some. As mentioned in my previous post, blog and newsstream comments are worth more than forum topics like forum games.

5. Promote in Newsstream - This is probably the easiest thing to do. Simply promote stories in the pending area of Newsstream that you like. Right now, the expansion of Newsstream is important to us so we’re giving lots of points to encourage you to do so.

Also of note, the weekly top 10 list is now updated hourly. I’m hoping sometime next week I’ll get to the graphs and charts so you guys can see your points breakdown. New pins are slated to be added as well. More details later.

It has been an especially tough battle for this week’s Weekly Prize, the pair of T-ara albums. We’re only giving away two because these are not normal albums. They’re oversized with lots of photos. In case you don’t win, there will be another contest for these albums later on, so don’t fret.

Some of you may have notice is Ningin loading faster. We’ve added more servers cuz we’re getting so big and all. Have fun scoring people!

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Cool~ I like the new changes wink

Ningin is pure awesome^.^
Gotta love Ningin

man all those high scores on the games are intense U_U. at least i got 2 of em ^_^

Fifth! lol just kidding. Awesome upgrades

Yays!!!! :D

awesome updates! Keep up the awesomeness Ningin!

wow lots of great upgrades :D and nice pics Danny!

Gee I really like that my vote/suggestions (and so easily too) for the prize I had recommended! Since HOC mentioned that the T-ARA album is a thick photobook, it can ONLY be the REPACKAGE LIMITED edition! (only 6000 copies) available. It’s an awesome prize to start off your T-ARA collection! Once you own it, you might start writing T-ara Mania blogs like me, who knows how CRAZY you become?

Edit: 3 new ones not posted on “show off your cool purchases”

(Ok fine. You won’t become as of a CRAZY T-ARA fan as me. You must first train with Ayumi and I before you get to the next level).


I mean, wow. You get points for everything!

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