So who says you need a escort-gaming service to find beautiful girls to play games with you? SNSD don’t feed the stereotypical norm that only geeks play video games. Nintendo has extended it’s boundaries from Japan to Korea and has given endorsement jobs to four beautiful SNSD ladies: SooYoung, SeoHyun, TaeYeon and Yuri!

The girls will be featured in an upcoming commercial to be aired on the 30th. So far they have been enjoying themselves editing their own voices with the audio recorder function and the girls even manipulated the photos of Yuri and SeoHyun to make ‘twins’ of themselves, how cute!

So are you going to upgrade your model to a Taeyeon-edition? Surely, everyone wishes they could upgrade their current girlfriends to the latest and greatest.

Thanks to kbites

(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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^ That sounds even better.

^ sure… XD i was talking about a DIY girls generation DS

Taeyeon is my beloved future ......

AnabelStars - 03/30/10 12:12 am

^ its not illegal raspberry its DIY XD

Wario Ware DIY? lol

Haha, I take your word for it. I’m not that familiar with everyone’s hairstyles. xD

hmm, jessica would be bubbles and soo would be buttercup? only going by the hairstyles of course

Yes she can! raspberry
Who’s Blossom and Buttercup?

^ lol taeyeon can be blossom!

I don’t know why, but I thought of the Powerpuff Girls while reading that xD

kid leader taeyeon ^_^

Taeyeon looks adorable here, I must say. Love her pigtails <3

GSwizzie - 03/30/10 5:45 am

Taeyeon looks so small among the three @@

That’s why she is so cute smile

Taeyeon looks so small among the three @@

yeah i loved the kissy part XD

wohohoho arghhh yuri really looked adorable.. :3

^ its not illegal raspberry its DIY XD

^ Illegal!! XD

^ i should get my friend to make me a decal to stick on a pink DS instead XD

^ You would have to pay 300 USD though.

wheres the rest of the girls? D: i wouldnt mind having an SNSD edition DS :D

My DS is the Taeyeon edition, for sure!

Aw man, I just got a Nintendo DS and I have to’s the best thing ever. I am freakin’ hooked. I’m a little late, but I am so happy with it.

Lol, her head would be cut off from the picture.

She’s too tall. Hahaha.

..Hmm. I can’t say why Sooyoung is absent from this picture.

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