I think Ningin has a serious problem. Ningin is giving out way too many prizes each week! There’s just too many and it might be confusing for people to keep track of them all. Let’s break down all the different ways you can win stuff here on Ningin.

We have contests that run every week. Over here, we call them weekly contests. There are three of them at the time of this writing:

1. Weekly EXP Prizes - this is given out to those that score the most amount of EXP point each week. Right now, the prizes are given to the top two users each week, but we might switch it back to three like how we had it before. This contest starts and ends on Sunday of each week. This contest will be renamed Weekly EXP Prizes because we have too many weekly contests to just call it the Weekly Contest. Need some EXP scoring tips? Read this.

2. Weekly YesAsia Prizes - Ningin <3 YesAsia and YesAsia <3 Ningin. Since Ningin <3 our users, we give out the stuff that YesAsia gives to us. As per our previous contests with them, you know there's a lot of love judging by the value of the prizes given. (DBSK dvds + photobook, SS501 dvds + photobook, FT Island dvds + photobook, 2NE1 tees, and so much more!) This contest usually starts and ends on every Thursdays.

3. Weekly Twitter/Facebook Prizes - So I hear there’s a couple of popular websites, Facebook and Twitter. I’m sure they’re just a fad, but just in case, we want to try growing a Ningin following. This weekly contest technically hasn’t started yet, but it will in a week or two. In order to enter this contest, just fan us on FB and follow us on Twitter. More details soon.

Just from the weekly prizes, we’re giving out 4 things a week!! But that’s only the beginning. We also do special one-off giveaways. In February, we give out over $1,000 worth of stuff. In December we gave out XBOX360 consoles.

Our sister sites have giveaways as well. Ningin belongs to a network of sites run by Mixr Media. This crystal Hello Kitty iPhone case was quite popular on Girlybubble (our cute stuff site) and we thought why not give out a iPod Touch to go with it on Ziggytek (our gadget site). I think having sister sites is another thing that makes Ningin unique. Sometimes the sister sites will collaborate on both editorial and promotions. (See the Falling in Love with Mixr special and this End of the Year 2009 Special).

And there’s more. About three months ago, we added flash games to Ningin and Wirebot (our gaming site). Since then, we invented a for-fun flash gaming league called Mixr League Gaming. So far we’ve been doing contests for fun (SNSD vs Wonder Girls, Battle of the Sexes, Even vs Odd, East Coast vs West Coast) but that’s changing now. You earn EXP points in playing in these matches which, if you recall, gives you a chance to win our Weekly EXP contests. Some of our bigger matches, like the upcoming DBSK Decathlon and KPOP Battles have some fantastic prizes attached to them!

Seriously, how many Asian websites give out the amount of stuff that we do and at the frequency that we do? So here’s the thing, we want to give out more stuff! However, before we can do that we need to continually grow Ningin. It only works if you go out and tell your friends about us via Facebook, Twitter, or whatever you guys use to talk to your friends. We conveniently added Facebook Share buttons and Retweet buttons on the top of all our blog posts. If our traffic keeps growing, we’ll add more prizes! I would love it if I could give out a weekly prizes every day. Hmm, but then it’ll be daily prizes wouldn’t it?

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woah!! i really like ningin so so so much!!!! thx for exposing plenty so opportunity dat we needed so much!! saranghae ningin!!! <3

^ The coolest site/blog/forum ever!


^ Very good pshh that is an understatement, it’s the best site ever!

^ it is very true, and very good XD

This site seems too good to be true >.<

Haha, yes he is! ^^

Hoc is very considerate. smile

Omg, definitely checking the mail by myself those days! :D
Thanks so much, Hoc! smile


mon or tues you should get something =)

No problem, haha. ^^
I was just curious, because I told my parents to keep an eye on the mail and they wanted an estimate raspberry

Ah, thanks for asking that harmonixia. I never knew that.

Thank you Hoc. smile

Thanks, Hoc! ^^

anywhere from 1 - 8 weeks. add 4 weeks if you live outside the US.

Yes, it is! (Even though it’s not my question raspberry)

Just a quick question, approximately how long does it take for prizes to arrive? I know it depends on everyone’s location, but just an estimate? :O

^ Yeah, isn’t Ningin (Mixr Media) amazing?

wow that’s so cool.. as in COOL love it =))

^ I couldn’t think of it, at the time.

^ oh XD that makes more sense

^ Part of Your World.

^ which song were you trying to remember?

If I remembered a Disney song, then it would have prizes galore inserted by Mixr Media.

AnabelStars - 03/30/10 4:28 pm

man if only i lived in NYC U_U it would be so cool to intern for Ningin :D

ditto! if only i lived in usa…

There’s so many links in this blog post. So many prizes, it’s really cool. Thanks Mixr Media.

That sounds really cool Hoc.

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