T-ARA received an opportunity to rest because of unforeseen circumstances that occurred and thus MBC Music Core and SBS InkiGayo/Music Trend were canceled. But hey, that doesn’t mean the requirements for T-ara Mania were not fulfilled. As if, the word “rest” is defined to the Koreans as the privilege to blink. If your eyes are closed longer than that, you are assumed to be in a coma. Besides Korea and Japan, France has taken notice and gave them a TV spotlight feature, T-aradot.com is updated with more pictures of the lovely ladies, Supernova puts out a new song called J.P. and the girls cream over some Ricky Martin look-alikes on Star King. More updates below.

1.The French have very good taste in music and here’s why:

2. T-aradot.com has some updates! Here are a couple pictures from the sets:

Both of them are so gorgeous!

3. J.P. Is a new Japanese song by Supernova, (who usually collaborates with T-ara).

4. The March 27th edition of Star King is the reason why I go to the gym. (Sucks in gut, pushes out chest). Looks like T-ara weren’t too shy to get into the action! (And I’m severely jealous right about now). =/

5. T-ARA tops the Soompi charts. This goes to show that their album is doing well in the English speaking community

6. Jiyeon takes a few selcas and reminisces about her time at God of Study

Thanks to: _snowflake_