If you guys follow on Epik High’s Tablo on Twitter, then you’ve probably noticed that he tweets some really random but meaningful stuff! Here’s a roundup of Tablo’s recent “food for thought” Tweets…

1. [a] 1) The loneliest letter in the alphabet. 2) Stuck between two empty spaces. 3) What people use to define ’success’. - Tablo’s dictionary

2. “I’m an optimist. I’d rather be full of myself than be a half-empty me.” - Tablo.

3. sometimes i spit out bubblegum; sometimes i AM bubblegum. and i’m havin hella fun confusin everybody.

4. Please RT: this is @blobyblo, tablo of epik high. i rap, produce beats, compose melodies, write books, walk tightropes and watch cartoons.

5. My answer: “whatever”

5. Bloggers everywhere! Spread the word about Epik High like butter all over your local scene!

Hehehe. He sure is an interesting guy. If you aren’t following him yet, then what the heck are you waiting for!?