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SNSD releases new song Echo from Run Devil Run album
13 popular Kpop artists have confirmed their comeback in April!
Rain is Back to the Basic in April
G-Dragon: Another Loser Claims Plagiarism For Style Choices
Additional After School concept photos released
Random News of the Day: Man eats child’s brain to cure illness
The Warlords free screening in LA
Gackt’s men-only show SELLS OUT!
2 more groups confirmed comebacks: Secret and FT Island
Warner Brothers want to make Bleach movie
Tuc’s Take: f(x) flying under the radar
A note to be kind to each other
Tuc’s Take: Netizen YouTube comments that make no sense
Jaebum to make an appearance on America’s Best Dance Crew?!
Video of the Day: 2NE1 makes a drama “appearance”
2AM’s JoKwon aspires to be the male Lady Gaga
American guys have a crave for SNSD’s Hyoyeon best?
MLG Ladder Season 1 Conclusion
Kpop Theme Battle 7: Who did Crazy Better?
Debuting girl group Sistar reveals its first member SoYoo
EXP Changes - New Scoring System & Helpful Tips
Lee Hyori confirms comeback date
2AM’s I Did Wrong MV released
Random News of the Day: Chinese teen stabbed in the head because of high score in a video game
SNSD’s Jessica is “legally blond” again!
Suju’s Hangeng dismisses rumors of joining new company or new group
Top idol groups that netizens don’t want to break up
Review: After School’s BANG! single
Picture of the Day: Tea Time with Rachel (Blazblue)
New details on Rain’s album divulged
YG reveals Big Bang’s current plans for 2010
After School BANG! photos
Jin Akanishi to perform in L.A.
Video of the Day: 2NE1’s Take A Bow cover @ Sketchbook

Son Dam Bi or Rain: Who rocks eyelashes better?
2AM’s JoKwon and Brown Eyed Girls GaIn are dating for real?!
DBSK spotted in England… in someone’s room
After School rocks the percussion @ Music Bank
The Host 2-disc collector’s edition DVD giveaway winners
Birthday Spotlight: Yui turning 23!
Son Dam Bi Transforms from Seductive to Fierce in Elle!

SHINee’s Key bluntly told KARA’s Nicole to go on a diet!
Super Junior arrives in Vietnam; fans cry because of chaos
The Warlords pin game
Hyori’s H-LOGIC: The Queen, She Returns!
The Playboy Bunny pin challenge
MLG: Even Vs. Odd Match Results
Chinese Farmer With The World’s Largest Set of Man Boobs