The newest fad in Hong Kong is to eat a yummy bowl of parasites, sans the milk in the morning to shed those unsightly pounds. I wonder if they stay crunchy in milk? I would think that this type of dieting program would be only for the brave and those born without brains, but in fact this program is so common that the, “Hong Kong Health Department issued a warning in February that these worms — which are sold on Chinese websites — can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and even death.”–USA Today

This part made me lol:

Guys here are so small and skinny,” she adds. “They need to feel masculine, and they don’t if you’re bigger than them.”

Really, huh? So why can’t the man get to working out? If he fits into your jeans, he’s probably too skinny. What happened to the guys who were able to trek through a snow storm, wrestle a few bears and bring home a woolly mammoth all in time before breakfast?

Alright, alright. We’ve kinda devolved since the past million years and we can no longer beat a 1,000 lb bear to submission in arm wrestling. But this doesn’t mean that the lady should stoop to this level. A better solution is for the man to get bigger, thus the woman is smaller in proportion. I’m sorry, but 110 lbs is too light for the average height man.

It’s really sad to know of the actual reasons why they would not exercise, but instead turn to some form of extreme dieting. A vast amount of citizens in Hong Kong believe that exercising will cause too much muscle gain and thus make women look bigger.

And who says that women look manly because they exercise? Are we still living in the Renaissance days? BoA, Son Dam Bi, Hyomin, Eunjung and all of SNSD, partake in some weight-training regime and look hot as hell.

First of all, a basic physiology course will tell you that muscle has 2.5x the density of fatty tissue. If you were to exchange a pound of fat for a pound of muscle, you’d essentially be swapping a brick for a deck of cards. Another point that is scientifically proven is muscle is metabolically active. A pound of muscle could generate enough heat to burn 50 calories a day at rest and much more than that during exercise. Fat just sits there and laughs at you while you get fatter. Imagine if you gain five (card-decks) lbs of muscle, in exchange for your five (bricks) lbs of fat, you would burn 250 calories per day or 1750 calories per week. This translates to another half a pound of fat per week.

Want another way to lose a few pounds without changing much of your plan? Pubmed recognizes that whey protein reduced 6.1% bodyfat in obese subjects vs. the control group.

Alright, this starting to sound more like Medi-Gin instead of Ningin, so I’ll leave you that for now and the rest of the article you can find here.

Thanks to koream, usatoday, pubmed