Although the title “amazing” does sound a little biased you’ve got to admit that After School’s banging image for the marching band concept is pretty hot and “out of the box” (since many girl groups are still convinced wearing black clothing is as sexy as you can get). But who to give credit for this idea?

Turns out the amazing thinker is none other than After School’s leader Kahi! The song concept had been forming when “Because of You” was topping the charts and Kahi chipped in with the idea about the marching band.

Kahi said, “Marching band concept is something I’ve always wanted to do on stage as an After School member. I saw the movie “Drumline” a few years ago and I fell in love with the marching band’s charm.”


Well I’ll be darned…no wonder why I thought there was a familiar vibe to “Drumline”…but that’s okay, their outfits are hot & the song is quite awesome :D

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The golden drum is nice.

^ me too! i was all “GOLDDDDDD” ala austin powers gold member XD

ilove that pic and the golden drum

Ah, did you like it?

I saw it when it came out. It was a nice movie.

I watched it last year in Music class

^ I did ^_^

^ You watched before After School’s concept?

yeah, i watched drumline XD

^ You seem to be on to something.

^ with her fierceness.

^ So she’s blinding me, huh?

^ its her bling bling gangstaness thats too hawt for your eyes to handle.

Why is she X’ed out in that picture?

It’s a really unique concept

I thought they got some inspiration from the HBC’s Marching Band concepts.

Creative idea! ^^
Go leader! Go After School!!! ^_^

hahahha XD the leader is such an amazing person! i love the concept since ite very different from other girl group! XD

^ XD

Yeah, she’s a great leader and a terrific dancer.

kahi is really a great leader^.^
It amazes me how much work she puts in I mean coming up with the concept and writing the words to one of the songs she is just awesome^.^

That’s cool that we thought the same thing. (About the movie)

Also, I wish the song was as good as the concept.

great idea Kahi! 8D

^ I seriously think she could be the next Hyori, but to do that she’d have to leave AS, which I wouldnt want~

^ Awww, that’s so sweet! raspberry

Kahi is very talented though. I totally agree!

haha, Congrats Kahi! She really is perfection: amazing dancer, decent singer, decent rapper, Uber Sexy, and creative. gahh, I think I’m in love XD

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