Although the title “amazing” does sound a little biased you’ve got to admit that After School’s banging image for the marching band concept is pretty hot and “out of the box” (since many girl groups are still convinced wearing black clothing is as sexy as you can get). But who to give credit for this idea?

Turns out the amazing thinker is none other than After School’s leader Kahi! The song concept had been forming when “Because of You” was topping the charts and Kahi chipped in with the idea about the marching band.

Kahi said, “Marching band concept is something I’ve always wanted to do on stage as an After School member. I saw the movie “Drumline” a few years ago and I fell in love with the marching band’s charm.”


Well I’ll be darned…no wonder why I thought there was a familiar vibe to “Drumline”…but that’s okay, their outfits are hot & the song is quite awesome :D