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The second half of MLG Ladders Season I kicks off this weekend and we just added 7 new games to compete in! Here’s the early preview of the games with the rosters coming tomorrow: More »

From Wirebot:

Cruising the internet this afternoon, I came across the newest Final Fantasy XIII ad. I never am one to complain over seeing more of the incredible CG work put together for Final Fantasy XIII, and I assume you feel the same. Just don’t blame me for the horrible song choice that Square made as the main theme. yuck. All I can hope is that maybe it will grow on me.

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From Wirebot:

If playing the newly released Megaman 10 through as Megaman and Protoman wasn’t enough for you, or if you are just tired of the same old protagonists, Capcom has an answer. As of today, a new character is available for download for only 200 Wii points. Who could it be? More »

Bleach Chapter 394 has officially been translated. This week’s chapter is a continuation of last week’s fight and is appropriately named “The Burnout Inferno 2.” More »

As many Kpop fans know, SM Entertainment (arguably the biggest music agency in Korea) has recently experienced many difficult trials as three members in TVXQ and Super Junior’s Hankyung underwent legal battles for problematic contract terms such as its 13 year length and unfair distribution of album sale profits. More »

From Girlybubble: Japanese illustrator Mokaffe really loves combining two of the things I love the most into her illustrations: dessert and girly art! A lot of my favorite works by her involve dessert. Not that you’re surprised or anything. For the record, I’ll have you know that I do not drool over my laptop all day or lick my screen all day. You might want to restrain yourself when you see these babies: More »

As much as we want to put you on an FT Island (member) this is the next best thing we have to offer you: The Fall in Love with YesAsia and FT Island giveaway. This week, we’re giving away one FT Island - MBC Collection set including 2 DVDs + Photobook + 6 Photo Cards + Folded Poster. More »

Who enjoys anime and likes to eat in style? Well you’re in luck because you can buy these nice fashionable chopsticks based on an ’80s magical girl anime. More »

Trust your eye when exploring The Armory Show 2010’s cavernous collection of new art by living artists, and you will discover exceptional works of fine art among the Asian artists exhibited. More »

I’ve already shown you the Gundam and McDonald’s hybrid and the result was actually pretty cool. However the hybrid between Death Note’s Ryuk and McDonald’s Ronald McDonald is just plain freaky. More »

Hong Kong singing duo Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi have announced that they will be holding two concerts in April. More »

Last week we launched a Fall in Love with YesAsia and SS501 giveaway of a SS501 MBC Collection DVD + photobook set. The giveaway has ended and now it’s time to announce the winner. Drum roll, please! More »

Looking at the title you may think “Gross”, “ewww”, or “that’s pretty gay” right? Well if you are one of the many Super Junior fan girls (or even girls…and maybe some general), you may find the pictures below of Siwon quite hard to decide whether it’s Hot or Not. More »

2010 will mark the grand return of the mighty solo artists. Se7en, Rain, Son Dam Bi, BoA and Hyori are expected to bring-it! — In this year of the Tiger. More »

While episode 16 of the hit Korean drama Chuno has yet to be fully subbed, episode 17 has gone ahead and aired in South Korea. More »

A temple in Gunma Prefecture, Japan offers women a chance to write down their desires on paper and then flush them down a toilet. Sounds like fun, eh? More »

The wise boys of Big Bang have certainly gone through many emotional pain and experiences in their lives as young idols. They want to create an impact for their V.I.Ps. So they made a list of 17 things the fans should know and experience in their own lives. The list was created for an interview with the Korean edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine, March 2010 issue. More »

I know that the current hot cheerleaders right now are the members from SNSD/Girls’ Generation but let us not forget Namie Amuro’s days of cheerleading! Her Wowa video from her Queen of Hip-Pop album is going to featured on today’s Music Video of the Day and it has her wearing a lot of pink and dancing with pom poms. More »

Ever since the news of Jaebum leaving 2PM came out, tensions among their club “Hottest” increased dramatically. Although many of them stayed loyal to the 6-member 2PM, many also opposed strongly. This, of course, eventually created splits between the once proud Hottests. More »

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